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The Gala — supporting Oxfam | Oxfam Australia

The Gala — supporting Oxfam

The Gala — supporting Oxfam

Poverty and inequality are no laughing matter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring about change while enjoying a good giggle.

When you donate to the Oxfam Comedy Gala appeal, you’re helping us make a life-changing difference to communities around the world — and here at home.

Oxfam works tirelessly to tackle the inequalities that keep people in poverty. Some of the communities we work with are hard hit by climate change, while others are economically disenfranchised. In some communities, women are the most marginalised. In others, First Nations populations bear the brunt of inequality.

With support from amazing people like you, we deliver programs that are guided by and empower First Peoples — so they can be powerful change-makers in their communities, and across the nation.

Our Straight Talk program (pictured) brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from around the country to engage with the political system, share insights, meet mentors, learn from one another, and connect with influential and inspirational leaders.

Now that should put a smile on your dial!

Why not celebrate 26 years of Oxfam’s proud relationship with the Comedy Festival by chipping in to support our vital work? Make change with your spare change today.