Become a Regular Donor

Become a Regular Donor

Join a powerful community of supporters who are helping us address poverty at its core.

Making a regular donation is one of the best ways to support what you’re passionate about. Our community of supporters regularly contribute to Oxfam because we deliver long-term, life-changing solutions — ones that can save lives and make a real difference to people living in poverty.

We’re experts at delivering clean water and vital services — like sanitation and hygiene programs — all over the world. By donating regularly each month, you too could help feed a family, send someone to school or turn on a tap for an entire community.

Your first gift will be deducted immediately and subsequent gifts will be deducted on the 10th of each month or the next business day.

One taxation receipt (containing details of every donation) will be sent in July. Credit card donations may be debited after the 10th of each month due to bank processing delays.

Your donation will be used in support of Oxfam's efforts around the world. This is one of the many ways we work with communities living in poverty to improve their lives.