Your gift can help hungry families impacted by the climate crisis

Your gift can help hungry families impacted by the climate crisis

“The wells have dried up. The camels are unable to stand on their feet... We fear another death.” – Sankuus* (pictured)

Sankuus remembers the days when the world around him was lush and green. When he could provide three meals a day for his family. But when Sankuus’s crops failed due to drought, meals dwindled from three each day to two. Then one. When food ran out and his livestock died, he could no longer feed his children.

The climate crisis is causing a catastrophic, human-induced, unnatural disaster and it’s forcing millions of people like Sankuus and his children into extreme hunger.

In East Africa, one person is dying every 48 seconds from hunger.

Consecutive poor rainy seasons have caused devastating drought. Without water, food cannot grow, livestock perish and human lives are at risk. All too often, it’s the people least responsible for the climate crisis that are impacted the most.

Your donation can help provide life-saving essentials like food and water for families like Sankuus's, and give them the longer term support they need to rebuild their lives for tomorrow.

Please give anything you can today.

Your donation will be used in support of Oxfam's efforts around the world. This is one of the many ways we work with communities living in poverty to improve their lives.

*Name changed to protect identity.