Your gift today can help families facing extreme hunger

Your gift today can help families facing extreme hunger

Werem, Achta and Tenagne* (pictured above) weren't part of the conflicts that destroyed their homes – but they were its casualties.

Forced to flee with their families when armed groups attacked their villages, they escaped one life-threatening danger, only to find themselves facing another: extreme hunger.

This is a global food crisis. Millions of people like Werem, Achta and Tenagne are impacted by conflicts around the world and in need of urgent assistance. From Ukraine to northern Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. From Venezuela to the Central African Republic.

Your donation can help provide immediate food for hungry families, and give them the longer term support they need to rebuild their lives for tomorrow.

Please give anything you can today.

Your donation will be used in support of Oxfam's efforts around the world. This is one of the many ways we work with communities living in poverty to improve their lives.

*Name changed to protect identity.