Help us expose big brands' failure to pay a living wage

Help us expose big brands' failure to pay a living wage

The women who make our clothes do not make enough to live on, keeping them in poverty.

Despite often working over 14 hours a day hours, big clothing brands do not pay garment workers enough money to afford decent, safe shelter, enough food for themselves and their family, healthcare and education.

This holiday season we’ve got a once-in-a-year opportunity to reach thousands of shoppers to encourage them to demand big brands ensure the payment of living wages.

We’ve reserved prominent advertising space in shopping malls across the country to deliver a hard-hitting advertising blitz. But we need your help to make sure the advertisements are seen far and wide.

Will you chip in to put these ads in shopping malls in cities across Australia?

The What She Makes campaign is just one of the ways Oxfam works with communities around the world to fight poverty and inequality. If we raise more than the cost of this campaign, your donation will be used to support other Oxfam programs around the world such as our work supporting women’s empowerment in places like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka or supporting our work to end violence against women and girls in Asia and the Pacific.